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ICAEW 2021 Probate Diversity Survey

We are pleased to provide the results of our ICAEW Probate Diversity Survey 2021.

As a Firm we are licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to carry out the reserved legal activity of non-contentious probate in England and Wales (ICAEW). In 2021, we have been required by ICAEW along with other such firm’s to complete a ‘Probate Diversity Survey 2021’.

The Firm’s aggregated Survey results show the majority of our Staff attended a UK State School. Most of our Staff are Chartered Accountants plus another Profession along with Direct Support Staff. We have a range of backgrounds, capabilities and skills which enables us to have a fresh perspective and be able to adapt to an increasingly diverse market. Our Firm actively embraces social mobility and corporate social responsibility. One important aspect of this, is that as a Firm, we are actively involved in a Volunteer capacity with our Professional Body ICAEW at National and Regional level. This serves to give something back to the Profession but also keeps Staff fully up to speed with developments within the Accountancy Profession’s communities both Nationally and Globally.

At A. I. Cherry Chartered Accountants and Cherry Forensics, we offer both a diverse and inclusive working environment for our Staff and the Clients that we serve. We firmly believe that a range of diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives help us to deliver our suite of services which assist our Clients with their needs and provides an environment where all parties can enhance their potential. Our Firm’s diversity is made up of a variety of features including (but not exclusively) gender, age, religious beliefs, ethnicity, as well as physical disabilities and psychological distinctions. We believe that concentrating on diversity and inclusion is both the professional and proper thing to do. Our Firm’s aggregated results from the ICAEW 2021 Probate Diversity Survey, will help us to inform and further develop our Business Strategy as a Firm and look to the future. This in turn, will enable us within the Firm to facilitate a stronger culture, enhance our Firm’s performance and establish a deeper Client insight.

For the A. I. Cherry Chartered Accountants Probate Diversity Survey Results 2021, please read here.

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